Chef Razmik

Chef Razmik has more than 40 years of experience in cooking Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and European food. His interest in food started when he relocated from Iran to Sweden and started his first restaurant in a small university town outside Stockholm. He became famous for his Italian style pizzas and the fact that his restaurant was the first in town to provide delivery service. Chef Razmik obtained his professional certificate from the Restaurang Akademin in Stockholm but if you ask him, he would probably say that he is a self-taught chef and his passion for cooking made him pursue his dream of becoming a professional Chef.
Chef Razmik is trained in classic French, Italian and Swedish cuisine. He learned the essential skills to combine the heritage of Persian and Armenian cuisine with influences of the Mediterranean and European kitchen. Chef Razmik is recognized for his innovative approach to combine multicultural influences with classic cooking. He is also known for his creativity and is customers recognize him as a food artist and he believes that everyone can tell their stories through food. He is also known for his top-notch skills in composing traditional Swedish famous Julbord (Christmas table) and his ability to create vegetarian and vegan dishes with greater choice of tastes, textures and flavors.
“During my culinary journey, I haven’t had worked under any famous chef. My mentors are the people I had the opportunity to cook for during my travels. This has made me more creative and I have learned different styles of cooking. Even more importantly I have learned that cooking comes down to the values that sharing a meal brings people together”.
Chef Razmiks interest in food made him travel to California and he started his catering business in Riverside and recently opened Khatun Persian Armenian Cuisine in Glendale California. His catering offers a unique blend of traditional Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and European flavors and recipes.